Ralph-Michael Rash holds clinics all over the world. Those taking part include both ambitious sports riders as well as established and successful Grand Prix competitors. The horses involved range from young five-year-olds and St. Georges horses through to victorious Grand Prix eventers. Backed by a wealth of experience in training horses and riders Ralph-Michael Rash is able to appreciate in an instant the workings of both horse and rider in all their complexity.
He is quick to identify problems as they arise and already has the right solutions mapped out. One of his main concerns is to work on improving the level of communication between rider and horse:

„The horse tells you how it would like to be ridden and you have to listen to it!“

Ralph-Michael Rash’s clinics also provide tips on how to behave in dressage tests and teach riders how best to present themselves and their horses in competitions
Ralph-Michael Rash uses his confident and relaxed style to generate a casual atmosphere that really brings out the best from each student. He is keen at all times to impart the joy that comes with riding and working together with the horse.
On completing the clinic students will have a very clear view of how they can develop and what they can achieve with their horses in the weeks and months that lie ahead.