Ralph-Michael Rash was born in Hamburg on 23 January 1956. Married to the veterinarian Dr Eva Rash, he has three children.
His passion for horses and riding developed after high school when he took a vocational course as a professional rider and trainer.
Ralph-Michael Rash has worked and studied with the best dressage trainers of the twentieth century. These role models were to provide him with the tools of his trade and laid the foundations for his extensive equestrian expertise.
He went on to qualify as a professional riding instructor, state-certified Diplom trainer and Grand Prix judge.
As director of the Deutsche Reitschule in Warendorf he was responsible for the training, examination and professional development of German professional riders for eleven years.
For the next eleven years he was then owner of the Hesselhof centre, where he trained both riders and horses to perform at Grand Prix level.
Ralph-Michael Rash has been pursuing an international career as trainer, personal coach and course instructor in dressage sports since 2011.
This has included a successful period spent training juniors and young riders in Spain in 2011 und 2012.
From 2013 through to December 2018, he held the post of national trainer for French juniors and young riders.
Ralph-Michael Rash can look back over more than forty years on a career of awards and victories garnered by the horses and riders that he has trained.
Whether in Grand Prix sporting events, at Prix St. Georges level or at championships for young horses, many well-known professional riders owe their successes to his obvious skills as a trainer.